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The Naidu Community is a small close-knit one. However, it has spread its wings far and wide across the country and the globe.

Traditionally, Naidu marriages were arranged through word of mouth through common relatives or friends in the community. Besides this, participation in social functions was enough to bring home a spate of proposals for eligible Brides and Grooms. However, in today's fast-paced world, most of us barely have enough time to connect with the community.

We at allow you to connect with the community using the benefits of technology. We bring you profiles of eligible Brides and Grooms in an easy-to-search format. Successful Naidu marriages start here, so start your search right away.


Marriages are made in heaven but have to be nurtured on earth. Like a beautiful garden, marriage too needs to be watered and nurtured for the flowers of happiness to bloom. Here are a few secrets that happy spouses around the world know and practise. Use them to enhance your marriage too.

Accept your spouse for what he or she is. Each person is an individual with unique qualities, likes and dislikes. Do not attempt to transform your spouse into what your idea of an ideal mate is. This can create friction in your marriage and leave your spouse hurt that you don't care for his or her feelings.

Love is the most important ingredient in any marriage. Be creative in expressing your love to your spouse. Surprise your spouse by taking him or her out to a special candle-lit dinner. Write love notes and slip it into your spouse's wallet or handbag so he or she can find them.

Romance is an important ingredient in any marriage and so is caring for your spouse. Looking after your spouse's needs is important. It could be as simple as picking out attire from your spouse's wardrobe for him or her to wear or cooking your spouse's favourite dish.

Marriage is all about commitment. In today's world where men and women have plenty of opportunities to mix, it is easy to get into an extra-marital affair. This apart, the internet offers many avenues for cyber affairs that could later turn into real affairs. To keep your marriage happy, resist the temptation to have a fling or extra-marital affair.

In the Indian context, the family plays an important role in helping a couple resolve any conflicts. Build a warm relationship with your spouse's parents and relatives. In times of trouble, they could bring a mature perspective to the scene.

Give & Take
Each of us has our own individual set of values, interests and habits. Living happily with another person calls for a bit of compromise. This give-and-take is what keeps couples together.

Don't Play The Blame Game
When things go wrong, don't blame your spouse. Instead try to see what can be done to sort out the problem. This will go a long way in strengthening your marital bond.

Incorporate these thoughts into your marriage and watch it brim with happiness.



Naidu marriages have ceremonies, rites and rituals that are full of symbolism and rich significance. There is a strong emphasis on spirituality. The rites are conducted by a purohit or priest. The marriage usually takes place in any month with the exception of the months Aashad, Bhadrapad and Shunya, which are

considered inauspicious for weddings.

The following are the rituals during the marriage:
The Naidu marriage ceremony is striking as well as fabulous. It has the girl's mama or the maternal uncle carrying the bride in a bamboo basket to the mandap. The bride is well adorned in a bright coloured saree and precious jewellery. It is customary for the bride to carry some betel leaves, betel nuts, a coconut, a sandalwood stick and a red pumpkin. The procedure of the marriage is such that a curtain is placed between the bride and groom, so that they do not see each other till the wedding is completed.

At the end of the marriage, the father and mother of the bride clean the boy's feet with water. It is done with the view that the groom is considered as a form of God. In most of the Hindu marriages, the groom is equalled to the god and the giving away of daughter in marriage to him is regarded as gifting the most loved thing of yours to Lord Vishnu himself. Also it is associated with the ritual practice of gifting a virgin to the groom who is no less than Vishnu. In a way, it also means that the parents are blessing the daughter with a husband who is as good as their God.

Madhuparkam would have the boy and the girl wearing a white dhoti and sari respectively, with a red border. The garments are of cotton. The priest recites shlokas from the Vedas and the bride and the groom place jeerakaalu-bellamu (Jaggery mix) on each other’s heads. This signifies that as two different ingredients mix together so should a husband and a wife.

Mangalsutra Ceremony
The Mangalsutra is generally a gold chain with gold and black beads. The groom ties the Mangalsutra around the neck of the bride with three knots.

Kanya Daan Akshata
At the end of the Mangalsutra ceremony, the couple put garlands around each other's necks. All those assembled, shower flower petals and rice as a blessing. This is called Akshata, the offering of uncooked, turmeric-coloured rice.

Saptapadi is a ceremony that has the bride and the groom taking seven steps together around the fire. In each round they utter mantras which add to strengthen the marriage. As they take the pheras, the bride's saree and groom's dhoti ends are tied into a knot. This signifies the culmination of the marriage.



Naidu (also spelt Nayudu or Naidoo) is a caste name and a title used by many social groups predominantly in Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. It is taken from the Telugu derivation of the Sanskrit word Nayaka, meaning protector or leader".

Naidu is used to refer to people belonging to the Kapu (caste) s - Balija / Balija Naidu, Telaga, Munnuru Kapu, Ontari Kapu and Turpu Kapu. Naidus constitute about 25% of the population of Andhra Pradesh.

The Nayaka title was originally conferred upon the Kapu community Telaga /Balija but later during the expansion of the Vijayanagar kingdom into Southern India, the title was also conferred upon other non-Telugu speaking communities who served as Commanders, Barons or Governors under the Vijayanagar emperors in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

The Nayaka's origins can be traced to the expansion of the Western Chalukyas into Andhra country in the 7th Century. Later, the usage of the terms Nayaka or Danda Nayaka came into vogue during the Vishnukundina dynasty who ruled the Krishna and Godavari deltas during the 3rd Century A.D.

The Naidu community is spread predominantly over Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. It has thousands of Surnames and many Gothrams. Here are some of them.

Surname – Gothram
Aanala – Paidipala
Aanala – Paidipala
Achukola – Bellala
Achanta – Nujella
Achuta – Paidipalla
Adabala – Paidipala
Adagarla – Settella
Adapa – Janukula
Adapa – Paidipala
Adapala – kaasi
Adatra – Paidipala
Addagarla – Pashupala
Addanki – Settipala
Addepalli – Paidipala
Adikaari – Paidipala
Akam – Nagalli
Akasapu – Paidipalla
Akkala – Paidipalla
Akkireddi – Ksherakanchina
Ballem – Paidipala
Balla – Uparatla
Basava – Pydipala
Banala – Vullitla
Bandla – Hamsa
Bandaru – Paidipala
Bandaru – Mogali
Bande – Paidipala
Bandi – Paidapalla
Bandreddi – Dhanikula
Baregala – Pydipala
Bharinikala – Pydipala
Botla – Kakarla
Chadalawada - Raghukula
Chaladi - Cholla
Chalamalasetty - Puligolla
Challa - Pydipala
Chapala - Yavvalla
Chandaka - Nagali/Nagula
Chandana - Paidipala
Chandrala - Paidipala
Chandu - Musalla
Chavalam - Setilla
Chavvakula - Janakula
Chebrolu - Janakula
Cheelamsetty - Pasupunulla
Cheerla - Paidipala
Chegondi - Dasaratha
Chelamkuri - Janakula
Chenji - Savarala
Chenna - Pamidipalla
Chennakesavula - Settinolla
Chennu - Pasupunulla
Chennam - Paidipala
Chennamsetty - Kasi
Chimata – Devendra
Dabbi - Vishnunama
Dachepalli - Pydipala
Dadi - Chettinolla
Dalavayi - Thammineni
Dale - Paidipala
Dande - Dhabbanala
Dandina - Paidipala
Dara - Paidipala
Dasam - Paidypalla
Dasari - Pydipala
Dasari - Shankusila
Dasari - Paidipalla
Dasari – Pasumalla
Davuluri - Settipala
Degala - Paidipalla
Desaty - Vepa
Devanaboina - Munipala
Devisetty - Recherla
Dhulipudi - Paidipala
Dindi - Kasi
Dodda - Kacharla
Dondapati - Pamidipalla
Dosetty - Vepa
Dubasi - Sri kurma
Dudala - pamidipalla
Duddukuri - Janakala / janukala
Duggirala -
Dupisetty - Janukula
Dusanapudi - Janakula
Dutta - Shettilla
Edapa - Palavili
Ekambarapu - Pamidipalla
Emmadisetty - Pasupuleti
Erra - Setti
Gadala - Pasunuti
Gadamsetty - Janakula
Gaddam - Kodhamonala
Gade - Pavidipalla / Pamidipalla
Gadi - Pydipala
Gajula - Kasyapa / Paidipalla
Gajulapalli - Kondhakodhi
Galidevara - Pidipala
Galla - Paidipala / Chettunella
Gandepalli - Pydipala
Gandham – Pydipala
Gandla - Satnella / chatneella
Ganesana - Paidipala
Ganesula – Paidipala
Gangadevi - Sibbigalla
Gangisetty - Pamidipalla
Ganisetty - Mankolla
Ganji - Pydipala
Ganta goru - Pamidipalla
Gara - Janakanolla
Garaga - Paidipala
Garikipati - Dabbanala
Gatti - Janakula
Gavini - Pasupunulla
Gedala - Paidipala
Ghanta - Nagacherala
Gidugu - Bharadwaja
Gitta - Pydipala
Gogana - Pydipala
Golakaram – janikala
Goli - Cherukuluri
Golakoti - Paidipala
Gollapalli - erragodugulu
Gonnabathulla - Pydipala
Gopalam - Srilakshmi
Gopisetty - Pamidipalla
Gopisetty - Meruvula
Gopu - Paidipalla
Gorle - Pydipala
Govada - Ponnapalli
Gowrisetty - Punyapalli
Grandhi - Paidipala
Gundala - pamidipalla
Gudi - Janakula
Guddati - Vasista
Gudise - Varavatla / Vashista
Gudiseva - Tulasipalla
Gudiwada - Nagali
Gummineni - Adhiseshu
Gundabolu - Paidipalli / Janakula
Gundabattula - Paidipala
Gundepalli - Paidipala
Gundubilli - Aravilla
Gundubogula - Pamidipalla / Janakula
Gundubogula - Paidipala
Gundu - Pamidipala
Gundu - Pasupuniti
Guntupalli - Paidapala
Gunnam - gujjanagulla
Gurrala - Chettella
Gurubilli - Nagali
Hamsala - Nagandera
Hanumakonda - Pydipala
Haridasula - Pasupuneela
Ijanagiri - Rajulu
Ijjipireddy - Nagula
Ikkurthi - Janakunolla
Inti - Midanakula
Irri – Palakula
Irrinki(Yirrinki) - Pacchalla / Pydipala imadabathini - Akshinthala
Inukonda - Paidipalli
Itla - Paidipalli
Jada - Pydipala
Jagatha - Pasumela
Jakka - Pydipalla
Jakkampudi - Pidapal
Jally - Pasupuneellu
Jakkampudi - janakula
Janapala - Paidipalla
Janapareddy - Janakula
Janapareddy - JPaidipala
Janyavula - Pydipala
Jarajapu - Nagula
Jetti - Podipala
Jinukala - Palutla
Jitta - chettinolla
Jonna - Janakula
Jonnada - Anjalla
Jonnakuty - Prasannolla
Jujagiri - Janakula
Jupudi - Paidipala
Jyothula - Paidipala
Kabotula - Nagula
Kadari - Pasupuneti
Kadavakollu - Patellavari
Kadim(Kadiam or Kadiala) - Paidipala
Kakileti - Paidipala
Kakumanu - Sivapala
Kalari - Janakula
Kali - Paidipala
Kalimi - Paidipala
Kamala - Paidipala
Kamana - Kasi Nama
Kamatham - Garuda / palavalli
Kambala - Vishnu
Kambhammettu - Pasupuleti
Kamisetty - Premala
Kammili - Paidipala
Kammula - Please provide
Kanakala - Nagula
Kanakala - paidipala
Kanaparthi - akshinthala
Kanchipalli - Paidipala
Kandi - Nagula
Kandikonda - Nulakanoolla
Kandlagunta - Pamidipalla
Kandula - Paidipala; Janakaneela
Kandula - Kaasineela
Kankanala - Paidipala
Kanna - Paidipala
Kanugula - Nageswara / Gajaveera
Kapakayala - Pydipala
Kapuganti - Ikshwakula
Karabathula - Pasupuneti
Karedla - Paidipala
Karimi - Nagula
Karnatapu - Kusumasegari
Karri - Kandala
Kasarla - Pasupunuti
Kasetti - Janakula
Kasineni - Pagidi neela
Kasuladev - Vashista
Katakam - Akshantala
Katakamsetty - Janapala
Katam - Pydipala
Kataru - Yampala / Mudunella
Kathari - Pydipala
KathULA - Pavidipalla
Katiki - Mudunolla
Katikireddy – Janakula
Katragadda - Karnala
Katta - Pamidipalla / Pydipala
Kavali - Akshintala
Kavati - Pamidipalla
Kayala - Akshintalu *karreddy-padipala
Keerthi - Paidipala
Ketharaju - Ayyavarla
Kethineedi - Pushpala
Ketinedi - veragala
Kelam - Ullutla
Khareedu - Paidipala
Kilari - Dhana
Kilari - Pagidipala
Kocherla - Pasupuleti
Kochuru - Janakula
Kodi - fill
Kodide - Paidipala
Kodebina - Vashishta
Kodeboina - Vashishta
Kodey - Pydipala
Koduri - Paidipala
Kola - Janakula
Kolagani - Pydipala
Kolasani - Vattivella
Kolasani - Vuttigothala
Kolapalli - Pydipala
Kolla - Janakapala
Kolla - Padipala
Kollu - Pidipalla
Kolukonda - Racherla
Kolukula - Janukula
Kommirisetti - kummarala
Kommisetty - Chitikenala
Kommula - Kaundenyasa
Kommuri - Nagula
Kona - Paidipala
Konatham - Pasupunoolla
Kond - Paidipala
Kondapalli - Paidipala
Kondaveeti - Paidipala
Kondra - Paidipala
Kondula - Janakula
Konedala - Janakulla
Koppana - Pydipala
Kopparaju - Amarnallo
Kopparthi - Paidipala
Kopparthi - Pydipala
Koppineni - pamidipally
Koppineni - padmanabha
Koppireddy - Janakula
Koppula - Veeraraghavulu
Koraginjala - Paidipala
Koreboina - Janakula
Korla - Paidipala
Korni - nageswara
Kosana- Jathankula
Kosuri - Janakulella
Kosuri - Janakaneedu
Kosuru - Paidipala / Pasikala
Kota - nagaligothram
Kota - pogunoolla
Kotagiri - Bahusali
Kotari - Paidipalla
Kotaprolu- Pasupunoolla
Kothapalli - Repalle
Kothuri - radhitharasa
Kotikalapudi - pydipala
Kotipalli - janikula
Kotla - nagasa
Kotni - Paidipala
Kotte - Tenali
Kotte - Janakula
Koya - Paidipala
Krovi - Paidipala
Krishnamsetty - Sankhyayanasa
Kumpatla - Arudhra
unapareddy - mettalla
Kunapareddy - Pagadaala
Kunchala - paidipala
Kunche - paidiplala
Kunisetty - paidiplala
Kunkapudi - Paidiplala
Kunche - Paidipala
Kunta - Janakanolla
Kurasala - madhanasira
Kurre - Paidipala
Kusu - Settipala
Lakkineni - arundhala
Lakshmisetty - Ullutla
Lalam - pempalla
Lalicheti -
Lanka - Nagula
Lankalapalli - paidipalla
Lella - paidipala
Lingam - Pogunolla
Lingineni - paidipalla
Lingineni - pamidipalla
Lokala - Pamidipalla
Lugalapu - Paidipalla
Maasireddy - pydipala
Macca - pydipala
Macha - Janukula
Madamala - Pasupuleti
Madasu - pydipala
Maddala - shatala
Maddi - Koundinysa
Maddisetty - Dasaradula
Madduluri - Bhardvaja
Maddukuri - chamanthi
Madireddy - paudipala
Mahanthi - thaabelu
Majji - pydipala
Makani - Nagula
Mallempudi - pydipala
Mallu - Macherla
Mamilla - Gummulla
Mamidala - pydipala
Mamillapalli - Macherla
manchala - Pydipala / sampangi
Manchem - Janakula
manda - Vipparla
mandala - Grandhapala
Mandali - Gandhapala
Mangisetti - Pasupuleti
Manukonda - Melukolupu
Mannuru - Sreevithu
manyapu - naagula
Maradana - Nagali
Marakada - Kowsika
Mareddy - Paidipala
maredla - paidipala
marisetti - pydipalla / mallepula
Marri - Velisela
Marothu - Paidipala
mathe - pogunolla
Matlapudi - Chandrakala
Mathi - Nelabala
Matta - Paidipala
Mavuluri - Janakula
Medandarao - Nallagulla
Medandrao - Nallagulla
medicharla - narimulla
Medida - Atchutala
Medisetty - rellagovula
Medisetty - Paidipala
meesala - nagula
Meka - pavidipalla
Mekala - punnepalli
Mendu - Karanalu / pamidipalla
Merugu - Chettella
Miriyala - pydipala
Moduga - Janakula
Mogali - pydipala
Mogalipuvvu - Settinolla
mogalla - kasipala
Moganti - Chetla
Molabanti - Pillivatalla
Mopada - Paidipala
Mopidevi - Pamidipalla
Motupalli - pydipala
Mucherla - Naagula
Muddam - settilla
Muddineni - Athikempula
Mullapoodi - Janakanolla
Mummadisetty - janakula
Mummidi - Janapala
Mummidi - Janakula
Muramalla - Naga
Murari - Janaknolla
Mutha - Janakula
Muthamsetty - Janakunolla
Muthangi - Paidipala
muthangi - setty
Muthireddy - Janakula
Muttumu - Manikyala
Muthyala - Rajanala / Pasupunolla
Mutyala - Janakulla / Pamidipalla
Mylavarapu - Paidipalla
Nadella - chennumalla
Nadikatla - Paidapala
Nadikoti - Ramaneela
Nagam - Pydipaala
Nagineni - vepakula
Nagireddi - Pydipaala
Nagisetty - Kandalla / Janakula
Naidu - Pasupuleti
Nainala - Gogineelu
Nainalasetti - Settipala
Nainar - Palavalli
Nakka - Markandya
Nalla - Janukula
Nallaganchu - Paidipala
Nallagopu - Jatangula
Nallamothu - Pesaramilli
Nallam - paidapella
Nallari - Paala
Namala - Janakula
Namana - Settipala
Nandamuri - Ramachandra
Nandikolla - paidipalla
Nanubala - parasara
Naradasu - jatangula
Naraharasetty - vasthula
Narahari - Dharbasila
Narahari setty -
Naraharisetty - Janakula
Naralasetty - Janakamuni
Narla - paidepala
Narisetty - Ramanuja
Narukula - Cherukunoolla
narukula - chitikinelu
nasam - pasupulate
NathireddiPaidipalla - Paydipala
Nayudu - pamidipalla
Nedunuri - Paidipalla
Nelluri - Pogunulu
Neelam - Paidipala
neelam - sirikondala
Nigamanu - Paidipala
Nimmakayala - Paalavalli
Nimmala - janakula / kumaralla
Noolu - Pyidipala
Nunna - Pydipala
Nusetti - Pamidipala
Oduru - dasradula
Pacha - Pydipalli
Padala - Pydipala
Padalaneni - Recharla
Padyala - karanalla
Pagadala - Dhabanala
paladugu - Janakanillaa
palagiri - Gorintaku
Paladugu - Paidipalla
Palanki - Pydipala
Palapandu - Pydipala
Pallapolu - ottella
Palli - Nagula
Palnati - Veyyigulla / Pidapala
Pallapolu - ottivella
Paluri - akshitala
Pamarthi - paidipalla
pampa – pydipala
Panabakam - Reyla
Panala - Kandalla
Panchakarla - padipala
Pandalaneni - Pamidipalla
Pandamaneni - Pamidipalla
Pandham - Paidipala
Pandalaneni - Paidipala
Pangisetty -
Pantham - Paidipala
Panuganti - Janakula
Papana - Pavidipalla
Papisetty - Pydipala
Paravada - Paidipala
Parnam - Virajala
Pasala - Siripala
Pasam - vinukula
Pasam - Rathnala
Pasupuleti - Pempala / etipala
pasupuleti - thadipatri / Govilla
Pasupuleti - Mutyala
pasupuleti - janakanolla
Pasupuleti - Pisala
Pasupuleti - Pydipalla
Patagarla - Subalakham
Pathi - Setla
Raagu -pydipaala
Raavi -Rachanalla
Rachamalla -Pasupuneti
Raghavarapu -Viriyala
Raghavapurapu- Pasupunolla
Ragu -paidibala
rajanala -paidipala
Ramayanam -Govardhana
Ramayanam -Govula
Rambarki -Nagali
Ramisetty -janakula
rangisetti -recharla
rangu -mungashila
Rankireddy -Paidipaala
Rao -Paidipala
Raparti -Paidipala
ravada -pdidipalli
ravada -pdidipalai
Ravulapally -Janakula
Ravuri -pavidipandla
Ravutu -Piatapalla
Rayachoti - Rela
Rayala - Velpula
Rayam – Palavalli
Rayapalli - pamunoori
rayapureddy - pydipala
Rayapureddy - Janapala
Rayavarapu - srikrishna
Rayini - Bodhineedi
Reddipalli - Pidipalla
Reddy - Nagula
Redrouthu - Janakula
Rekhapally - Bharadwaja
Remala - Munibala
Repalle - Dhanikula
Revalla - Nagula
Rokkam - Janakula
Rowthu / Routhu - Nagula / Nageswara
Sada - Ragipogu
Sagiri - Dhanikula
Sainedi - Kommirisetty
Sairi - Aarakula
Sakiri - Garikapogula
Saladi - Janukula
Samarla - Perichetla
Samayam - Nerashankula / Nalachakra
Sambrani - Paidipala
Sammeta - Varalakshmi
Samtham - redla
Sana - Daneschala
Sanam - Pydipala
Sane - Pidipala
sandhu - naarikella
Sandrana - Paidipala
Sanga - Vangapoola
Sanku- padipalli
sannala - janakula
Sasipalli - Nagula
satti - pydipala
Sayana - Dabbanala
Sayyapureddy - Janakula
Seelam - Pydipala
Seeram - Pydipala
Seerala - Janakula
Seetala - Paidipala
Seethala - Paidipala
selagamsetty - janakala
Senapathi - Paidipala
Setlam - Paidipala
Setti - Janakula
Settipalli - Pamidipalla
Setty - Janakula
Settyvari - malahari
Sevvana - Manimantra
Siddineni - Veludanala
sikha - Pamidipalla
Sikharam - PAIDIPALA
Simhadri - Paidipala
Singamsetty - Janakula
singamsetty - pidipalla
singanasetty - pydipala
Singaraju - pananeella
Sirasani - Janakula
Sirigineedi - Pydipala
Sirimisetty - Pydipala
Siripurapu - Nagula
sode - pakshapala
Somarouthu - Dabbanala / Darbanala
sravanam - paidipala
Sreerangam - Paidipala
Srungaram - Paidipala
sudhabattula - Pydipala
Sugavasi - Ganneru
sundara - Janakula
sundarapu - Paidipala
Sundudru - Chittella
Sunkara - paidipala
Surabattula - Nagula
surisetty - valletla
suvvada - nagula
Taakasi - Paidipala
Tadakaluri - Paidipala
Tadi - janakula
Tadikonda - Penugunolla
Tadisetty - fill
Takasi - Janakula
Talari - Paidipal
Talupala - BALUDRA
Tambabathula - Paidipala
Tammanaboina - Ompella
Tambabathula - Chetinola
Tankasala - Pasponolla
Tanniru - Midhunala
Tati - Chettilla
Telagamsetty - Janakula
Telaganeedi - Rayanaakula
Telaganeni - Janakula
Tellapati - Koundinya
Teparthi - Paidipala
Teppala - Paidapala
Thambabathula - Paidipala
Thati - Paidipala
Theegala - Sankupala
Thirumalasetty - pydipala / Viriyala
Thirumalasetty - Janakanoolla / kavalendra
thirumanadham - paidapala
Thomurthy - Nagula
Thorati - Paidapalla
Thota - Janakula / Pasupunolla
Thota - Lakkakula
Thotakura - Janakula / Kasipaala
Thummala - pydipala
Thunduri - Paidipala
Tikkisetty - Paidipala
Tirumala - Malisetla
tirumala setty
Toram - Ratnalu
Tummala - janakula
Tungala - Chittella
Turumulla - Pydipala
Udayagiri - Sajjana
Uddagiri - Pydipala
Uddandi - Musipala
Uggina - Paidipala
Undapalli - Paidipalla
Uppalapti - Punhseela
Vadagala - Paidipala
Vadapalli - Pasupunolla
Vadalasetty - Ganatahi
Vaddi - Vanithala
Vaddi - Paidipala
Vadlani - chettilla
Vagvala - Paidipala / Pavidinulla
Vaida - Nageswara
Vaka - Manikyala
valasala - pagidipal
valavala - paidipala
Valisetty - Janukula
Valavala - Kshatriya
Vallabhaneni - Paidipalla
Vallarapu - Paidipalla
Valtheti - Nagula
Vanapalli - Pydipala
Vangaveeti - Pydipala
Vankamalla - Janakula
Vanteddu - Pydipala
Varikuti - Chittilla
varre - jankula
varre - kanikala
Varre - Janakula
Vasikarla - Srivatsa
Vatti - Pydipala
Vatturi - Settinorla
Vavilapalli – nageswara
veera - janakala
veerla - Settipal
Veerilla - Pydipala
Veerisetty - Padipalla / Janakula
Vejju - Nemalapuri
Vejju - Nemalapuri
Velimicharla - Pamidipala
Velivela - Pamidipala
Velpuri - Vipparla
Vempala - Nagula
Vemuri - Paidipala
Venkatagiri - Bhardvaja
Vepuri - Manikyala
vinjarapu - janakamuni
Vinnakota - Aryakula / aarcharla
vinnakota - Narikella / Ariseela
virivada -
virivada - pavidipalla
Vishnumolakala - Srilakshmi
Viswanadhula - Palavalli
Vullanki - Pacchipaalla
Vulli - Kasibhatla
Vummadisetty - Manikyala
Vungarala - Dhanamjaya
Vuppu - Akshantala
Yadla - Janakanolla
Yadlapalli - Pydipala
Yaga - Pidepala
Yalavarthi - Srilakshmi
Yalla - Pydipala
Yanam - paidipala
Yanamala - pydipala
yara - paidipala
YARA - Dhanikula
Yarramshetty - Kusuma Palli
Yarnagula - Ashweejamahamuni
Yasa - Pagidipala
Yatham - Paidipala
Yathamshetti - Pasupunuti
Yekkanthi - Maanchala
Yedlapalli - vedurupala
Yedugundla - Paidipalla
Yelamanchi - Ayruvakala
Yelesetty - Baradwaja
Yelisetty - Paidipala
Yelugula - Paidipala
Yendamuri - Srivatsa
Yendrapalli - Paidypala
Yenibilli - Paidipala
Yenna - paidipala
Yempala - Varalakshmi
Yerra - Nagula / Chettella
Yerragopu - Janakula
Yerramsetty - settila
yerramsetty - paidipala
Yeramasetty - Chhetinala /Akshintala / Recherla
yerrapothu - virijella
yerrapothu - virejala
yerru - Kammaneila
Yerubandi - Padipalli
Yerva - Neelala


  1. What information does collect about you?
  2. What does do with the information it   collects/tracks?
  3. Do you share the information you collect/track?
  4. Can you tell us more about links with other sites.
  5. Does use cookies?
  6. What is's policy on correcting, updating or   removing personal information.
  7. How secure is my personal information?
  8. How will I know of changes in the privacy policy?
  9. How do I contact you?
1.What information does collect about you?

We are an online matrimonial service dedicated to being a platform for brides and groom of the Naidu community meet and make matches. Members of the site create their own profiles which can be viewed by other members.

Information Collected/Tracked by gathers two types of information:
1. Information users submit; and
2. Information not directly submitted.

There are two types of user-submitted information collected Public and Private. Public information consists of any form of personal information that may be displayed on the site at the behest of the member, such as gender, age, height, telephone number, photograph, etc.

We define private information as information that allows others to contact a user other than through or allows the collection of information about the user other than what is displayed on the site. This includes telephone numbers and email addresses.

Public: Personal information, which may or may not include: customer-specified username, gender, age, religion, income range, profession, telephone number, preference/lifestyle information, general geographic location, photograph, videos and horoscope.

Private:This information is gathered from members and guests who apply for the various services our site offers. This information includes, but is not limited to: email address, first name, last name, credit card number or checking account information for payment, a user-specified password, mailing address, zip code and telephone number. allows members to submit public and private information on behalf of others - child/ward, sibling or friend. However, in case such child/ward, sibling or friend does not wish this information to be displayed, she/he has the option to request removal of such information. This will be done after providing the necessary evidence that the information pertains to her/him.

Information not directly submitted AGGREGATE:
This is information we collect that is not personally identifiable. This include information like browser type and IP address. This information is gathered for all users to the site.

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2. What does do with the information it collects/tracks?

We use the information in the following ways.

Information users submit
Public: Public information supplied by members is for the viewership by visitors to the site. This information is only used by visitors for searching and matching purposes.The Public information displayed on the site cannot be used to identify a specific member by name, address, etc (except photograph, posting of which is voluntary). All members have the option to post their telephone number. This display preference can easily be changed anytime by the member by visiting the My Contact Details page and choosing the option of not displaying the telephone number and other contact details to other members. Only premium members can view telephone number(s) of other members who have opted to show their contact details to premium members.

Private: Member's email addresses are mainly used by us to verify enrollment and also to send system emails on behalf of other members. These email addresses are not revealed to members. Sometimes., we might also use an user's email address to send them valuable news regarding our site. However, users may choose not to receive such emails by unsubscribing.

Email addresses may also be used to further private correspondence with the user for customer service issues. All other private information submitted by the user is confidential and is not disclosed except as required by law or to protect members of

Updating public information:
o Login to account
o Click on My Profile
o Then, use the Edit options to update relevant information and submit
o NOTE: In order to prevent any misuse of the system, some information such as date of birth can be changed only on request. To do so, go to Help and use the Write to Customer Relations option.

Updating private information:
o Login to your account
o Click on My Account
o Update relevant information and submit

o allows members to interact with each other by writing messages to other members to further the matchmaking process. We exercise care to prevent site misuse, but we strongly recommend you establish the authenticity and intent of members before giving out personally identifiable information in such messages.

Information not directly submitted
We use your server, IP address, and browser-type related information in the general administration of our website.

As a matrimonial service we are committed to providing transparency in the dealings of members on our website. Hence, we display details such as Last Online date in member profiles, and also provide notifications of read messages to the sending member.

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3. Do you share the information you collect/track?

You can be sure that, we do not sell, rent, share, trade or give away any of your personal information unless you are expressly informed. The only exceptions are the financial institution that processes your credit card or check transactions unless required by law, or for the protection of your membership.

We may tie-up with partners to bring you various services . However, we assure you that we will never share your personal information, without your express permission. Still, we encourage you to review the privacy policy of the partner for questions about their use, especially any personally identifiable information that you may separately submit to such partner.

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4. Can you tell us more about links with other sites. may contain links to other websites. However, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of other Web sites. We encourage you to be stay aware of this fact when you leave our site, and to read the privacy statements of each and every web site that collects personally identifiable information. This privacy statement given here applies solely to information collected by

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5. Does use cookies?

Yes, but in a positive manner, We use these to help us deliver a range of services and keep proper track of your personal preferences. A cookie is a small text file that can be entered into the memory of your browser to:-

. help our website recognize repeat users;
. help the user's ongoing access to and use of the site;
. allow us to track usage behavior;
. compile aggregate data for content improvements; and
. undertake targeted advertising.

In case, you do not want information collected through the use of cookies, most browsers contain a function that allows a user to deny the cookie feature. You can also delete cookie files from your computer at your discretion. Please note that the use of cookies is vital if you wish to access as it is an inherent part of the technology. Disabling the cookie feature on your browser or deleting cookie files from your computer may make you unable to access certain features on and participate in its services. We do not and will not use cookies to collect private information from you!

We use cookies only to recollect information sent to your computer from We CANNOT access any information not sent by Some of our business partners may use cookies on our site (for example, advertisers). However, we have do not have any access to or control over these cookies.

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6. What is's policy on correcting, updating or removing personal information.

We allow you a free hand in modifying or removing most of the public and private information from our database.

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7.How secure is my personal information?

We take every precaution to protect your information, both online and offline. We make sure that the information you provide is restricted in our offices. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job are granted access to personally identifiable information.

We have also done everything in our power to prevent misuse of photographs. Apart from not allowing photographs to be downloaded or copied, we have watermarked them with the logo. This acts as a further deterrent for illegal use elsewhere.

If you have any questions about the security at our website, please email us.

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8. How will I know of changes in the privacy policy?

In case, we make a material change to our privacy policy, we will prominently post a link to those changes on our Homepage. We will ensure that you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it. If we reach a point where we decide to use personally identifiable information in a manner materially different from what we have stated at the time it was collected, we will intimate you by way of an email. We will also give you a choice as to whether or not we can use information in this different manner and act accordingly.

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9. How do I contact you?

In case, you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, please email us or contact us

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Page is Under Construction


The Help Page makes it easy for users of to get the maximum out of this site. We have developed an extensive library of FAQs based on questions from members.

If you have gone through these FAQs and still have not found the answer to your query, we invite you to Write to us and we will respond within 24 hours

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Managing your Profile

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Technical Issues/ Errors


Tips on Safety

  1. How do I register at
  2. Can I register on behalf of a relative or a friend?
  3. What are the benefits of registering at
  4. How much do I have to pay for registration?
  5. The form looks long. Do I need to fill in everything?
  6. I would like to specify more than one email id. Can I do that?
  7. What does Special Cases mean?
  8. While Registering I came across the Subcaste option. What is this?
  9. What is a Profile ID?
  10. What are the rules to be observed in creating a Profile ID?
  11. Are there any rules to be observed in posting my profile?
  12. As I was registering, I received an error message that said that my email id   is already registered?
  13. While registering I got an error message asking me to choose another   Profile ID. Why?
  14. What is Search?

1. How do I register at

This is very simple. Just click on the Register form and fill in the details and press `Submit' to create your profile.

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2. Can I register on behalf of a relative or a friend?

Yes you can register on behalf of a relative or friend but specify the relationship. Register now.

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3. What are the benefits of registering at

You immediately gain access to quality profiles of brides and grooms in the Naidu community. You also get free services like:
  • Posting your free profile
  • Adding photos
  • Contacting members
  • Expressing interest in members
  • Adding your horoscope

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4. How much do I have to pay for registration?

Registration is FREE. However, if you want to contact members and enjoy the complete benefits, you must become a PAID MEMBER. Membership costs Rs.3000 / 6 months and Rs.4000 / 9 months inclusive of all taxes. So don't wait, Register now.

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5. The form looks long. Do I need to fill in everything?

Yes, remember you are looking for a partner for life. Do spend a little time and effort, it will pay rich dividends. The response that you get from prospective brides or grooms who view your profile will increase manifold when the profile is detailed.

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6. I would like to specify more than one email id. Can I do that?

No, you can use only one email id., but you can change it later if you wish.

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7. What does Special Cases mean?

Special cases refers to a category of people who are mentally or physically challenged. This includes those who have physical or mental abnormalities from birth or as a result of an accident or illness.

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8. While Registering I came across the Subcaste option. What is this?

Each member of the Naidu community belongs to a particular Subcaste. There are many different rules that govern the marriages between members of different Subcastes. To check out these, click Subcaste.

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9. What is a Profile ID?

A Profile ID is very important as every member has a unique Profile ID.Your Profile ID is necessary for you to log in to It appears on top of your profile.

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10. What are the rules to be observed in creating a Profile ID?

Pick a Profile ID that will suit your profile and personality. Your Profile ID must contain only alphabets, numbers and the underscore ( _ ) character. Your Profile ID must not contain contact information like email address, telephone numbers, website addresses, fax numbers, etc

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11. Are there any rules to be observed in posting my profile?
  • Provide authentic information about yourself
  • Do not include your contact details in the profile
  • Do not use it for any commercial purposes
  • Do not upload content that is vulgar, pornographic or racist
  • Do include as detailed a profile as possible

For more details on what is forbidden on the site check Terms & Conditions

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12. As I was registering, I received an error message that said that my email id is already registered?

Every profile posted on is associated with only one unique email address. This error message is received because you or someone else has already posted a profile using this email address. If you think that your email address is being used by someone else, please send us an email from that email address and let us know.

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13. While registering I got an error message asking me to choose another Profile ID.Why? 

This happens when the Profile ID you have chosen has already been registered by another member of It is important that you choose a unique Profile ID that has not yet been registered by any other member.

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14. What is Search?

Search allows you to look for a partner based on the attributes you seek in him or her. Fill in the details on the Search page and press Submit.

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  1. How do I create a new profile on
  2. How do I edit my matrimonial profile?
  3. Can I change all the information in my profile?
  4. Can I change my email address once I register with
  5. How can I ensure a better response to my profile?
  6. Can I add my horoscope? Is it safe to do so?
  7. Should I attach my photo?
  8. I am happily married to a Naidu member. Can I share my success   story?

1. How do I create a new profile on

Creating a new profile on is very simple. Just fill in the Register form and click on Submit. This is a Free service.

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2. How do I edit my matrimonial profile?

Login to your Naidukalyanam account.

Click Edit Profile and change the details you wish to change according to the instructions provided. Then click the 'Submit' button to update.

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3. Can I change all the information in my profile?

You can change almost all the information in your profile. However, some details like your date of birth, gender and marital status can be changed only in exceptional circumstances. This can be changed only on request to our Customer Relations, supported by valid reason(s) and/or necessary evidence.

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4. Can I change my email address once I register with

Yes, you can do it by logging into your Naidukalyanam account and clicking Edit Profile. Then you can go ahead and change your email address. When you finish, click the 'Submit' button to update.

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5. How can I ensure a better response to my profile?

Post an attractive, recent photograph

Make your profile as detailed as possible.

Spend time writing your profile to reflect your personality, include your aspirations and goals, thoughts, hobbies, interests and other things that you would like in your partner.

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6. Can I add my horoscope? Is it safe to do so?

Yes, we encourage you to add your horoscope. It is safe and will give you a better response.

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7. Should I attach my photo?

Yes, attaching your photo doubles and triples responses. Make sure you attach your photo.

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8. I am happily married to a Naidukalyanam member. Can I share my success story?

First of all congratulations. We would love to put your story up on the site and share the happiness. Do click here to mail your success

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  1. How do I log in and log out of
  2. Why do I have to log in and log out?
  3. What happens if I forget my password?
  4. Can I change my Profile ID?
  5. How can I change my Contact information?
  6. Can I add my horoscope? Is it safe to do so?

1. How do I log in and log out of

You can log in from the Home page by filling in your Profile ID and password. Click here to log in.To log out, click the link on the top of every page.

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2. Why do I have to log in and log out?

This keeps your information secure and prevents anyone else from misusing the information.

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3. What happens if I forget my password?

Don't worry, just mail us from the email ID you have registered with us. We will mail you the Profile ID and password. 

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4. Can I change my Profile ID?

No, we use your Profile ID to uniquely identify you on our system. So, you cannot change it. Therefore choose your Profile ID carefully. 

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5. How can I change my Contact information? 
Log in to your Naidukalyanam account.

Click Edit Profile and modify the contact details you wish to according to the instructions provided. Then click the Submit button to update.

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6. Can I add my horoscope? Is it safe to do so?

Yes, we encourage you to add your horoscope. It is safe and will give you a better response.

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  1. Should I add my photo to my profile at
  2. How do I add my photograph?
  3. I don't have a digital photo of myself. What do I do?
  4. What is a .gif or .jpg format?
  5. I uploaded my photograph but its still not visible in my profile? Why?
  6. How do I change the existing photograph uploaded in my profile?
  7. How do I remove my photograph from my profile?
  8. How do I make my photo look better?

1. Should I add my photo to my profile at

Certainly. This is a very important factor in increasing responses to your profile. In fact, attaching your photo doubles and triples responses. Make sure you attach your photo.

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2. How do I add my photograph? 

Click on Register and you will find an option to Add Photograph. Click on Browse and select your photograph. Then click the Submit button to update.

In case you have already registered, log in to your account first. Click on Edit Profile and go to the Add Photograph option. Click on Browse and select your photograph. Then click the Submit button to update.

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3. I don't have a digital photo of myself. What do I do?

Scan your printed photograph in a .gif or .jpg format and then you will be able to easily upload it. 

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4. What is a .gif or .jpg format?

These are two of the most popular digital image formats on the internet. We accept both these image formats. Check the format of your digital photo and pick the correct option. In case you are not sure about the format of your photo, check the file name extension of your photo file. If it ends in .jpg then select the .JPG option. If it ends with .gif then select the .GIF option.

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5. I uploaded my photograph but its still not visible in my profile? Why? 
We at review photos. We reserve the right to remove/delete any photograph that we find violates socially accepted norms of decency and/or contains any form of nudity. Sometimes this could include beach photographs of our members. The other reason is any kind of technical error.

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6. How do I change the existing photograph uploaded in my profile? 

Log in to your account. Click on Edit Profile and go to the Add Photo option. Click on Browse and select your photograph. Then click the Submit button to update.

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7. How do I remove my photograph from my profile? 

Log in to your account. Click on Edit Profile and go to the Remove Photo option. Click on Browse and select your photograph. Then click the Submit button to update.

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8. How do I make my photo look better? 

Pick a photo that has been shot in daylight. The computer screen makes photos look a little darker than they actually are. Once you have selected and scanned your photograph, you can enhance it in Adobe Photoshop using options like brightness, contrast, saturation and so on.

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  1. While using, I am getting an error message.   Why?
  2. When I logged on to the site today, I found the   same content as yesterday? Why?

1. While using, I am getting an error message. Why?

We apologise for the inconvenience. Kindly inform our Customer Relations, please do give us the url and time you encountered the error. We will rectify it as soon as possible.

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2. When I logged on to the site today, I found the same       content as yesterday? Why?

You could be getting content from the cache, this is related to your internet browser. Follow the simple steps below to get rid of this problem.

If you are using Internet Explorer, please try the following to resolve your problem:

  • Click on 'Tools' in the top menu.
  • Choose 'Internet Options' from the drop down menu.
  • Press the 'Delete files' button that appears in the window.
  • Make sure to check the "Delete all offline content" check box. Click on "OK" button.
  • Click the 'OK' button of the window and try browsing again.

If you are using Netscape then follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Click on 'Edit' in the top menu.
  • Choose 'Preferences' from the drop down menu.
  • On the left hand side of the new window, click the 'Plus' icon next to 'Advanced' option.
  • In the list that is displayed below 'Advanced', click on 'Cache'.
  • Click the 'Clear Memory Cache' button. When the confirmation question comes up, click the 'OK' button.
  • Click the 'Clear Disk Cache' button. When the confirmation question comes up, click the OK' button.
  • Click the 'OK' button of the window and browse again.

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  1. Do I have to pay for membership?
  2. What do I get as a member?
  3. What is the refund policy of the matrimonial   service?

1. Do I have to pay for membership?

Yes. Membership costs Rs.3000 / 6 months and Rs.4000 / 9 months inclusive of all taxes and allows you to contact unlimited profiles.So Register Now.

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2. What do I get as a member?

As a member, you get to display your profile, receive responses to your profile, initiate contact and exchange messages with other members.

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3. What is the refund policy of the matrimonial service?

We do not offer refunds. This is because at you are allowed to communicate with members on the site, even before you pay any membership fee.This helps us provide you with the best value for money and also protect our interests. Any exceptions to this policy may be made at the discretion of the management.

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We at aim to provide you with a safe environment where you can meet your dream partner. On our part, we ensure that the content posted on the site is screened for inappropriate or irrelevant content. We also have strict abuse-prevention systems in place. However, we request you to follow the tips below to ensure security.

Guarding your details
You can stay under the garb of anonymity until you trust the other person enough to reveal further details. This will give you control of the way things move. Never feel compelled to reveal your name and contact details until you are ready.

Proceed slowly
Create a separate email account that does not include your real name or contact details in it. Use this to communicate with members. Be aware and watch out for odd behaviour on emails. You could even get a trusted friend read the initial mails to spot any warning signs of erratic behaviour that you might miss.

Request a photo
A photo will give you a fair idea about a person. Request a photo, if a person is not keen on providing one, it is likely that he or she has something to hide.

Talk over the phone
Once you have made the initial series of emails and are comfortable enough to talk, start conversing. Call from a pre-paid number. Furnish your phone number only after you feel confident about the other person.
Meet safely
Meet the other person only when you are confident about him or her. Meet in a common place like a restaurant. Never meet in lonely places or accept lifts at least during the initial meetings. Do take a friend or relative along for the first meeting and ask him or her to do the same. If you are going to meet alone, do leave the name, address and phone number of the place with family or friends.

Stay away from scams
There are some people who try to exploit others under the garb of being suitors. If you are asked for money, refuse diplomatically. A genuine person will not ask those whom they do not know well or intend to marry, for any money.

Warning signs
Meetings are important to get to know better about the other person. Ask a lot of questions and watch out for inconsistencies that help you spot the con-artists. Pay close attention to the behaviour of the other person while you are with him or her. Pay attention to displays of anger, intense frustration or attempts to pressure or control you. The other warning signs to beware of are acting in a resentful manner, making demeaning or disrespectful comments or any physically inappropriate behavior.

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